80 to 100

80 to 100

Women still make 80 cents on the dollar. 


F*ck that.


The gender pay gap persists

Today the median salary for women is roughly 22 percent lower than the median salary for men. In other words - women make 77.9 cents for every dollar earned by men. The opportunity gap, career disruptions, and unemployment penalty all adversely affect women



Salary Negotiation Training & Workshops

Since 2016, we've conducted dozens of 1:1 negotiation trainings and workshops with peers in New York and San Francisco. What we found surprised us - many women, from first time job seekers to top executives, expressed similar fears and anxieties. Moreover, we saw our strategies and tactics work across industries, workplace environments, and unique asks.

Lets go from (77.9) to 100 

Now, we are building a company to scale what we've learned in conversations with women across the country. Currently, we offer salary negotiation workshops to organizations taking a lead in their commitment to pay equity. Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a workshop.

Due to high demand, we’ve put 1:1 trainings on hold, but we are developing content for a series of webinars to be released in the coming months - stay tuned for more!  Sign up for updates about our offerings here


The 80to100 method gives you a step by step approach to getting your ideal compensation package. Not only did this experience change the way I think about salary negotiations, but it helped me put into perspective what’s important for me to in my role today and what the deal breakers are for me in my career going forward. By following the steps and do the work, this method gave me a sense of clarity and fortitude that I now have in most decision-making, especially in advocating for what I deserve in the workplace.
— Madelenne D. attended a negotiation training workshop in 2019
I would recommend the 80to100 method to every female professional that I know, regardless of their age or professional accomplishments! Attending their negotiation training workshop was one of the best decisions that I could make for my young career. The founders of 80to100 offer a unique set of tools that are essential to negotiation training and bridging the wage gap. As a female engineer in a male dominated industry the knowledge I gained from working with 80to100 for a short period time was invaluable and will serve me for what I hope is a long and successful career. Thank you 80to100!
— Cheriann joined an 80to100 Negotiation Training Workshop in 2018